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Bonefishing in the Turks and Caicos

The Turk and Caicos offers many opportunities for fishing. While the nearby Bahamas is considered the top location for bonefishing in the Caribbean, if you’re hoping to try out the sport for the first time – especially if you’re trying to fit in some fishing with a family vacation – Providenciales is an ideal location.
bonefishing in the caribbean
Why? For one thing, Provo is easy to get to (not all bonefishing spots sport an international airport), and many of the shallow salt flats that are the bonefish’s typical haunts are close by, within a half hour drive from the Sands resort on Grace Bay.

Slip out and go for a private fishing vacation

So, if you’re travelling with family or a loved one who does not necessarily like fishing, Provo is a good place to start. You can nip out for a half day or so, starting early in the morning, returning early enough to spend the rest and best part of the day with your family.
Generally speaking, the bonefish (nicknamed “the grey ghost”) prefers the changing tides, and comes close to shore during full tide.
The fish are far more powerful than trout or steelhead, and provide an amazing experience for fishing.
Popular bonefishing spots on Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos include Bonefish Point, on the extreme western tip of the island (west of the Chalk Sound). Other areas include the tidal shallows between Provo and Pine Cay to the east, although the islands ringing shallow Caicos Banks to the south of Provo offer many opportunities.
What to bring with you for bonefishing in the Turks and Caicos:
  • Fly Rod
  • Fly Reel
  • Tropical Fly Line
  • Nine foot leader and 16# floro tippet
  • Flies (#2-6 tan gotchas are best)
  • Polarized sunglasses

Most people keep well-covered up when flyfishing for bonefish, with a long shirt, long pants, a hat, and something to cover the face.

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