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SUP on Grace Bay Beach at the Sands Resort

sup paddling providenciales

If you want to try out SUP paddling during your Turks and Caicos vacation, The Sands at Grace Bay has just the thing for you: two stand-up paddleboards right on Grace Bay Beach. Contact us to reserve an SUP on Grace Bay Beach.

What is SUP? It’s all about riding a surfboard-like paddleboard over the waves, using a long paddle for propulsion. The sport has taken off in recent years (there’s even SUP Yoga), and is popular with women. It turns out that women are more suited to paddleboarding than men, because women, being shorter, often with a more compact physique, have a lower center of balance.

It’s easier for women to paddle around while standing up.

If you’re concerned with getting or staying in shape, paddleboarding is good for the core muscles, and also can add muscle and toning to your back and shoulders.

If you only care about fun, SUP is a great way to check out the sights above the waves. Compared to kayaking, your field of vision is great, both when looking at the horizon and at the marine life below. And as we know Grace Bay Beach has some beautiful crystal-clear water, so it’s like going on your own glass-bottom boat tour.

And, unlike surfing, windsurfing or kiteboarding, SUP doesn’t need wind or waves to be enjoyed. You can do it on the calmest of days. What better way to explore the Turks and Caicos?

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