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  • “The Expeditioners” Honeymoon At The Sands at Grace Bay

“The Expeditioners” Honeymoon At The Sands at Grace Bay

We were thrilled to host Roberto & Bella for their honeymoon this past year – a wonderful husband and wife team of adventure photographers and creators of “The Expeditioners” Magazine & travel website & social media sites. Roberto and Bella have kindly contributed the blog post below, to share some of their Turks & Caicos vacation memories and photos they took during recent stay at The Sands with our blog readers:


Quaint, intimate, refined; The Sands at Grace Bay was an absolute delight for our honeymoon. I’ve been to over 30 countries, and my wife to over 20. We’ve slept on beds, cots, cars, hostels, cabins, lodges, tents, lean-to’s, on the beach, and of course, hotels and resorts. We’ve even slept off the side of a highway — a nice field is usually the best. Point being, we’ve slept in a lot of different places — and our dwelling at the Sands was just perfect. Our one bedroom suite was homey & spacious. We lounged languidly on our veranda after a full day of scuba diving. We listened to tunes and drank nice chilled wines. Very un-Expeditioners of us, but alas, one must make efforts for one’s honeymoon. I remember us reminiscing on how photographing and exploring the most remote places on the planet had led to us having our exquisite honeymoon on a stunning and relaxing island. You really never know what runs life will take!

Thank you to the staff at The Sands for being so attentively present for our every whim, yet unobtrusive. Just superb. While staying there we dove with dolphins, lounged around the pool testing our new camera housing, took long walks on the beach, and immersed ourselves in the emerald waters just a stones throw away from our room. Four days was indeed, not enough 🙂 You’ll be seeing us there again for sure!

– Roberto & Bella – “The Expeditioners”

For more information on The Expeditioners, visit: http://www.theexpeditioners.com/.

Here are some beautiful photos Roberto & Bella took during their stay with us at The Sands at Grace Bay:



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