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Top Day Trips In and Around Providenciales

Day Trips In ProvidencialesImage source: Wikipedia

If you can ever drag yourself away from beautiful Grace Bay Beach, an entire world is awaiting you here to explore in the Turks and Caicos.

Here are some easy day trips from The Sands at Grace Bay.

Explore Middle Caicos

It’s a great day trip, and close by. To get there, take a short trip on the ferry to North Caicos.

Next, rent a car at North Caicos to drive to Middle Caicos and take in the sights along the way (and be sure to ask at the Ferry Office for a map beforehand).

At Middle Caicos, explore the caves and cliffs at Blue Horizon Resort. But don’t forget to drive further down to the Indian Caves.

Bambarra Beach is a great stretch of white sand beach, and is the perfect place to take a nice picnic basket and spend the day swimming in that lovely turquoise water.

Visit the Hole

The Hole is a limestone sinkhole that’s about 50 feet deep. There are no paths or handrails, so you have to be careful – it’s not really a place to bring kids, and is strictly off-limits for climbers.

However, the sinkhole and the vegetation at the bottom is quite a beautiful sight.

Visit Chesire Hill Plantation

Chesire Hall Plantation, in Provo’s Blue Hills neighborhood, is really worth visiting. The building ruins have been carefully preserved, and it’s an interesting feeling looking at the ruins on one side, with a view of downtown Provo on the other side.

If you like natural history, there is a lot of information about local birds and wildlife on signposts located around the attraction.

Visit the Fish Fry

The weekly Fish Fry *the* must-do for visitors and residents alike on Provo.

The Fish Fry is held every Thursday at the Bight Park, about 10 minutes by car from the Sands hotel. The event gives visitors a chance to experience our island culture whether it be the great food, the music, or the interesting performances by local artists. The Bight Park, with swings, a slide and places to climb, is perfect for kids.

Besides crab ‘n rice, lobster mac ‘n cheese and fish from local water, conch salad and conch fritters are sold here as well. It’s delicious and is a great way to meet the Provo locals.

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