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Christmas in Turks and Caicos: Maskanoo Festival

providenciales maskanoo christmas event

Maskanoo is an annual event in the Turks and Caicos and is held “Boxing Day”, the day after Christmas (a holiday in Commonwealth countries like TCI).

Maskanoo has its roots in the ‘Masses’, a masquerade tradition that fuses traditional African culture with costumed balls held in the colonial era. On Provo, Maskanoo originated with workers brought by the Bermudian salt rakers to work the salt ponds of  Salt Cay, and South Caicos two hundred years ago.

David Bowen here on Providenciales has worked to promote Maskanoo as a national cultural event. Bowen was the driving force between the first Maskanoo event in 2009 that has revised this tradition to become a regular annual event.

Learn more about the history of Maskanoo here in this excellent blog post.

On Provo, Maskanoo follows a route along Grace Bay Road between the Regent Village and Salt Mills Plaza. Grace Bay Road is closed to traffic for this event.

Food, drink and souvenirs are widely available from local vendors, and visitors can enjoy a street parade, local music, island food, arts, & entertainment.

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